Union Island

thumbnailislandU nion island is part of the Caribbean arc and is located West from Barbados and North of Grenada.

It belongs to the Grenadines archipelago which is dependant of the island nation of St Vincent and the Grenadines. The language spoken is English and the currency used is the EC$ (Easter Caribbean Dollar).

Close to 3 000 residents, Union Island is 3 miles long and approximately 1 mile wide, but its landscape and hills make the island look much bigger in size.

The geographic location of Union island makes it one of the most spectacular Caribbean Islands as it is surrounded by the beautiful Tobago Cays Marine Park and several other stunning private island resorts like Palm island and Petit St Vincent.

The main town is Clifton where most of the businesses and hotels are located. Ashton is the second town of Union Island.

The island has long been a favourite anchor spot for sail boats cruising the Caribbean and is now becoming a top tourist destination thanks to the developement of the Kitesurfing activity introduced by the JT Pro Center Kitesurfing School located on “Kitebeach” in Clifton.

There are several charming bars and restaurants and a lot of attractions to keep you busy during your stay on the island.




The currency used in St Vincent and the grenadines is the EC$, It is the same currency as other Caribbean islands but different than that used in Barbados.

1US$ = 2.67 EC$ (Fixed rate)

1€ ~ 3,5 EC$ (Variable rate)

Most hotels and restaurants accept credit cards but smaller businesses will only accept cash. The US$ are widely accepted.

Bank & ATM

There is a bank on Union Island located in Clifton where you can exchange currency providing your passport. There is also one ATM working every day but often empty on week-ends or Holidays.



The weather on Union island is very nice. Being such a small island, Union benefits from a micro climate and sees very little rain. The air temperature of 30°C and the water temperature of 28°C stays the same all year long.


From December to June the dry season is characterized by long droughts and stronger trade winds. From June to December the wet season sees a little bit more rain, lower trade winds and beautiful clear weather.

The Hurricane season from July to November has very little impact on Union Island because of its south location in the Caribbean arc.


Getting Here

Getting to Union Island is not as complicated as you might think.

If you are flying from Europe or America:

It is fairly simple, you will first need to fly to the island of Barbados and then take a quick connection flight to Union Island with www.mustique.com.

If you are Flying from the Caribbean:

You will need to first fly to the main island of St Vincent with Liat and then take the fast ferry to Union Island. There are also Flights from St Vincent to Union Island with SVGair.

More info on how to get here by visiting the JT Pro Center detailed Travel Page.


Map of Union Island

For a fully detailed map of Union Island with the location of all the local businesses and beaches we invite you to have a look at www.kitesurfgrenadines.com map of Union island.

Going around Union Island is a great way to discover the full beauty of the place. You can choose to go on a fun taxi tour, rent a bicycle or simply walk around if you’re ready for a nice long walk. Find out about the island tours on our Activity page.

Check out Jeremie Tronet’s 2 min video of him driving around the island with his motorbike.


What to do & Where to stay

Union Island has a lot to offer, staying on the island will make you feel like you are part of the local community.
The experience is far from the busy touristic all inclusive destinations, on Union island you immerse yourself, live and enjoy a Caribbean routine that will make you want to stay and never leave.

Union Island is the gateway to the Tobago Cays Marine Park located only a few miles away from Clifton.
It has also become a world renowned Kitesurfing spot with the development of one of the best Kitesurfing schools in the world the JT Pro Center.

There are also various activities to keep you busy during your stay on the island as well as several gorgeous beaches to relax and enjoy the scenery.

For lunch and dinner we have listed all the new, up and coming places for different budgets.

We work with the best hotels and villas on the island and can offer you the best accommodations at the best prices.


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F ind here everything there is to do on Union Island to keep you busy during your holiday on the island. You can take a cruise to the magnificent Tobago Cays, try out Kitesurfing Lessons, explore the island or simply relax on one of the various beaches.

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Hotels & Villas

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F inding the right place to stay is a very important part of your holiday. We have listed some of the best accommodation options available on the island for all types of budgets from the local guest house to the Private Villas and Hotels.

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Beaches of Union

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U nion Island is surrounded by several beautiful beaches. Enjoy watching the Kites at Kitebeach relaxing by the Beach Bar, have a wonderful lunch at Big Sand’s white sand beach and end your day having a drink watching the sunset in Chatham Bay.

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